About MMEA

The Michigan Municipal Electric Association (MMEA) is Michigan’s trade group for municipally owned electric utilities. The communities in Michigan that own and operate a municipal utility provide approximately 8% of the state’s total electricity requirements. Many of these municipal utilities are more than 100 years old.

Cities or villages with municipal electric systems provide electric service to their residents, just as communities commonly provide water and sewer service. As units of local government, municipal electric systems are non-profit, community owned and operated, and regulated directly by the city and customers they serve.

The MMEA provides its 40 member cities with a host of services including semi-annual conferences, communication services, legislative services, legal assistance and educational seminars and training.

MMEA keeps members in formed of the latest news and information regarding electric utilities through its monthly newsletter, Currents, and other publications.

The association monitors legislation and regulations on both a state and national level that impact electric utilities.

The association assists its members in emergency disaster planning through the formation of a mutual aid contract – whereby cities provide both labor and equipment to other member utilities in the event of an emergency that impacts their electric system.