On-bill Financing


Michigan Municipal Electric Association Partners with Michigan Saves to Offer On-bill Financing Programs to Municipal Utilities in Michigan!


Many homeowners lack the funds to make clean energy investments, especially for bigger-ticket items that can produce the greatest energy savings. Over the past several decades, a range of financing tools have been developed with the goal of reducing the upfront costs of clean energy improvements. One such tool is on-bill financing, a popular method by which energy-efficiency improvements are repaid through a customer’s monthly utility bill.

If you’re a Michigan utility interested in developing an innovative, energy-efficiency program that expands access and makes it easier for customers to pay, on-bill financing may be the solution for you—and Michigan Saves can help.

We are teaming up with Michigan Saves to offer a statewide “plug-and-play” on-bill financing system for municipal utilities interested in offering on-bill programs to their customers without the hassle of designing and running a program on their own. By opting into this statewide system, utilities can benefit from economies of scale, lower administrative costs, centralized financing expertise, and technical assistance to make the implementation process easy and efficient.

To learn more about the benefits of a residential on-bill program and how to implement one, refer to this useful report prepared by Michigan Saves, the Holland Board of Public Works, Collaborative Efficiency, and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute.

You can also contact the Michigan Saves team for more information and assistance.